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Football: Forecast and combined bets
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Football under betting view.

To pick wins, draws, losses, or number of goals, requires a lot of information and data. Unlike the personal view of some matches based on incomplete and often subjective information, rigorous exposure data and well-planned tactics do offer a high probability of making money. We provide advanced picking procedures combined with various reports for helping greatly in making bets, games and choosing those odds that increase greatly the chances of winning.

Football: Guided based on the classic football logic
Natural view of picking: The classic football logic
Reaping best prizes with the best football betting.

The probability of win, draw or loss and subsequent picks are achieved by handling several classifications and results from the matches in the last months. Including the probability of success and the admissible minimal odds, we show to the bettor the full picture of each match as a guide to bet for the A or the B bets based on the odds offered by different bookmakers.

Football: Forecast based on performance graphs
Picking by computer: Graphs Performance
How to manage bets with high odds in our favor.

It's a smart strategy that measures the probability for the teams to win / tie / lose based on trends of their performance of the last months. This method of picking often let us to bet on unexpected results with high possibilities of get single and double bets with the consequent increase in odds that even allow us to cover other failures.

Statistical reports of hits and combined bets
Tracking the suggested picks for different leagues
The importance of the statistical reports.

The information that we offer will greatly help you on doing multiple bets using single and double predictions. Relying on both natural and computing views we'll make the following bet combinations: 1 to 4 single bets, 1 to 4 double bets, and 1+1 / 2+2 / 3+3 single/double combinations. This is an excellent way of modeling custom bets involving several football leagues.

In summary, we offer the natural and computing views for the football results and team classifications. Following this results we build single and double bets and their statistical data. About team classifications, apart from the classical point-based or wins/ties/loses rankings, we also provide the success rate against every other team. On the week results, we also detail every single and double bet hits both from the natural as well from the computing view. Finally, we also provide all rating on the win / tie / lose options for those who want to develop their own bets with Premium! 2012 software. In short, we got all the essential items that'll help us improving the probability of success of our bets.


Football, combined bets, ranks and statistical hits
The football bets challenge

We offer every single data about the current and the 3 previous seasons of the 48 most known football leagues in the world. Data is updated several times a week, so this section will be your guide for building bets in a right way, increasing your chances of making money.

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All the information published in this section is provided by the Premium! Bet software, conceived by Takis Tsiambouris. The information presented on this site is just a small preview of all Premium! Bet is able to offer.

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