Uruguay : 1st division
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Bets online Uruguay : 1st division
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Round 38/2018 on saturday, november 10, 2018.

Recommended single and double picks, probability of success, average odds handled by several bookmakers and minimal odds recomended. Football league tables, matches results, odds, statistics, etc., are updated many times every week.

Ranking of matches by single picks
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1 Nacional  -  Peñarol 1 56% 2,64 1,79 12 90% 1,33 1,11


Green colour highlights minimal odds recomended for the single and double picks. Red colour highlights the unfavorable odds. If the match day has already pased, the single and double failures are also highlighted in red.


Ranking of football single and double picks
Complete picture of single and double picks
All possible single and double picks with their odds

Red colour highlights the failure single and double bets and the unfavorable odds depending on the probability of success.

Ranking of matches by single and double picks
1 Nacional 1 56% 2,64 1 Nacional 12 90% 1,33
2 Nacional 2 34% 2,69 2 Nacional 1X 66% 1,41
3 Nacional X 10% 3,02 3 Nacional X2 44% 1,42

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